How much could double glazing save you?

How much could double glazing save you? Everyone knows that double glazing windows will save you money on you heating bills, If you still have single pane timber or metal windows you could be literally throwing money out of the window! How much could quality double glazing save you?  The answer depends on the size of your house. What we can tell you is, in a home that is single glazed over 20% of heating bill is lost through your windows. By installing energy efficient rated double glazing you cut this cost in half meaning that in an average three bedroom house you could be saving up to £481 a year. To learn how quickly you could feel the savings, visit our range of window choice and book an enquiry today. Why should you get double glazing? Reduced noise.  It goes with our saying that two pane of glass blocks sound better than one. Double glazing can reduce sound from the outside world by up to 75%! More protection from the sun. Modern energy rated double glazing reduces the amount of UV rays and heat that penetrates into the house. Not only does this this keep the house at a regular temperature, but lessens the likely hood of the sun bleaching your furnishings. Less Condensation. Better insulation reduces the likelihood of condensation forming inside the home. Not only does this keep your home warmer but reduces the chance of damp forming. Safety and security.  Double glazed windows are a lot harder to shatter and a lot tougher to force open than traditional single glazing this means that your property...

Trust UPVC windows to provide style, comfort and security for your home

There are a number of fundamental characteristics that should be considered when sourcing and short listing possible home improvements suppliers. Good suppliers will be able to demonstrate that they can offer you the following benefits. 1) Quality and Reliability The quality of your supplies should be consistent – ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with the quality you would be receiving by talking to a sales advisor and visiting a showroom. You need to be able to rely on your supplier for timely delivery, for the right advice, and for consistency of service, through all stages of your purchase and installation. At Homestyle, our advisors are happy to talk you through our products at our showroom or over the phone and will visit you at your home for a free quotation. We have complete confidence in our product and service quality, so much so that we offer 10 years insurance backed guarantee. 2) Speed and Flexibility As a customer, we understand that you may want your products installed quickly! Once your order has been received, Homestyle will carefully manufacture your products to your exact specification. We will arrange an installation date with you, and then an expert team of Homestyle fitters will install your improvements quickly and efficiently, and with the least possible inconvenience to you – We always use our own fully-trained installers for Double Glazing, Conservatories and Doors. Depending on the product, installation can happen after 6-8 weeks from your order being received. “I was very pleased to find your workmen had completed the installation of all five replacement windows and window boards in a single day...

Don’t Be Downbeat, Defeat Winter with A Conservatory

A lot of homeowners dream of the day they make their fortune and move into a 15 bedroom mansion with separate wings that the children can have as their own to do as they please whilst the parents enjoy relaxing in the living spaces all on their own when needed.

One of the best home improvements people now opt for are uPVC conservatories. This is down to their ability to be built on a budget and the fantastic addition they are to any home.

Conservatories are built to last and are no longer the undesirable cheaper alternative to an extension. Modern conservatories have got an extremely durable framework and glazing which adds something special to your home. There will be no space or experience like it within your current property and a conservatory will come as a welcome break day after day for you and your loved ones.