Front Door Designs at Homestyle

Front Door Designs at Homestyle

Front Door Designs at Homestyle

Is your current front door in need of an upgrade? Outdated front doors not only spoil the appearance of your home, they can also negatively impact your property’s thermal performance and security. At Homestyle Plastics, we install a large range of front doors in Oxford and the surrounding areas.

The Homestyle door selection consists of designs to suit every property. Heritage home or new build, whatever age or style your home may be, there is a Homestyle front door design to suit your needs. Don’t believe us? Let’s delve into our door range now and you can see for yourself!

uPVC Front Door Inspiration

If you are looking for a cost-effective door, look no further than our uPVC designs. Durable and low maintenance, uPVC doors offer reliable long term performance and will enhance your home’s energy efficiency. With an uPVC door installed, your home will benefit from improved heat retention and trustworthy weather protection.

Unlike some other door materials, uPVC doors will not lose their shape or colour over time. There is no need to worry about an uPVC front door becoming damaged in bad weather, these doors are robust enough to withstand the full force of the natural elements.

Here at Homestyle, our uPVC doors can be customised to suit the style preferences of every homeowner. We offer various frame colours, hardware options and glazing configurations for our customers to choose from.

upvc front door designs

Composite Doors

A composite front door will make a stunning addition to any home. Made from a combination of high grade materials, composite doors are highly energy efficient and closely replicate the look of a solid wooden door. Unlike outdated timber, composite doors will not warp or rot due to weather exposure. In fact, these top quality doors will enhance the appearance of your home for decades.

Homeowners can expect to pay more for composite designs than uPVC profiles, but these robust doors are worth the investment. A composite door is manufactured using a blend of materials and often features a robust core for added structural strength. With a thicker structure, composite doors are also able to offer superior levels of heat retention and weather protection.

The Homestyle composite door range features doors to suit every property. With multiple designs, frame colours, glazing patterns and styles to choose from, creating your dream composite door is easy.

composite front door design ideas

Timber Doors

With a timber door installed, guests and visitors are sure to form a positive first impression of your home. The classic solid wood front door never goes out of fashion. Timber designs are timeless and provide homes of all ages with a beautiful facade.

Outdated timber doors are often not able to stand the tests of time. While timber is strong and robust, old and poor quality wood can rot, distort and ruin the appearance of your home. At Homestyle, we bring homeowners durable and built-to-last timber doors. Crafted to size and designed to match your specifications, our doors are available in contemporary and traditional styles.

As well as improving your home’s curb appeal, our timber doors offer high levels of energy efficiency and security. With Homestyle timber door installations, homeowners are guaranteed improved heat retention and reliable protection from potential intruders. If you live next to a busy street or road, our timber doors will also offer effective acoustic insulation.

Timber Door Oxfordshire

Timber Alternative Doors

Enjoy the classic appearance of a timber door combined with high levels of all-round performance with a timber alternative door installation. Handcrafted using the finest materials, Homestyle timber alternative doors are built to replicate the classic wooden door design, while also offering enhanced durability, security and longevity.

Unlike the classic timber door, our modern alternatives are low maintenance and built to last. Featuring a uPVC foil wrapped structure, these doors are easy to keep clean and will not succumb to weather exposure damage. A Homestyle timber alternative door will keep its flawless finish for over a decade.

Built with multi-point locks as standard, our timber alternative doors are manufactured with your home security in mind. You can also count on a Homestyle door to look and perform at its best for many years to come. Invest in a timber alternative door and enjoy the timeless timber aesthetic, alongside countless modern benefits.

timber alternative front door design

Update Your Home With Homestyle Door Installation

At Homestyle Plastics, we have been updating homes across Oxfordshire for over 30 years. We specialise in double glazing installations and offer homeowners a wide range of front door designs. Alongside our top quality doors, we also install double glazed windows, orangeries and conservatories.

To discuss your front door installation with the expert Homestyle team, get in touch today. You can reach us by calling 01993 703 187 or filling in our online contact form. You can also kickstart your project by requesting a free door quote today.

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