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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation for data protection and privacy for everyone within the European Union.

This privacy notice explains how and why we collect your data, how we use it, why we require it and who we share it with.

Here at Homestyle Plastics Ltd we take your privacy seriously, so we will only use your personal information for administration purposes relating to your installation and/or guarantee. We may contact you with important information or queries with regards to your quote, installation, guarantee or enquiry.

What information do we store?

– Name, address and contact information (telephone numbers and email addresses) this is collected when an enquiry is made and/or when an order is placed.

– Information regarding the order, e.g. details of the installation, product information and communications between us, Homestyle Plastics Ltd & you, the customer.

Why do we need this information?

– We require personal data for sales & order administration purposes.

– This information is stored in a database only accessible to Homestyle Plastics Ltd employees.

– Recording customer personal data is essential for Homestyle Plastics Ltd to provide a guarantee on the installation. Should you need to register a service call, we require a record of the installation, guarantee date and customer details in order to fulfil the terms of our guarantee.

Will we share your information?

– Homestyle Plastics Ltd will only share your personal data with necessary parties relating to your installation, guarantee or credit agreement. These parties include;

• Plastics Window Federation (PWF):

We are required to register all (with the exception of installations on commercial or new build property) installations with the PWF, to active the 10 year insurance backed guarantee.


As a FENSA registered installer, we are obligated to record any installations of 50% glass or more.

• Homepro

We are required to log any installations of Guardian Roof Systems / Guardian Roof Conservatories with Homepro.

Homestyle Plastics Ltd provides the above with the customer’s name & address, details of the installation (product and total cost of work) – this enables them to provide you with certificates. May 2018

• Suppliers

During the installation / order process, it may be necessary for us to disclose information to suppliers, such as name & contact information and address. This information will only be used fulfil orders and to arrange supplier site visits (if required) and will not be used for supplier marketing purposes.

What will we do with your information?

– Once your installation has been completed we log your details onto our company database. This is only accessible to Homestyle Plastics ltd employees and we do not give access to this database to any third party companies.

– We may contact you by post/email to inform you about changes to our policies, guarantee information or the company itself.

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