How much could double glazing save you?

How much could double glazing save you?


Everyone knows that double glazing windows will save you money on you heating bills,

If you still have single pane timber or metal windows you could be literally throwing money out of the window!

How much could quality double glazing save you?  The answer depends on the size of your house.

What we can tell you is, in a home that is single glazed over 20% of heating bill is lost through your windows. By installing energy efficient rated double glazing you cut this cost in half meaning that in an average three bedroom house you could be saving up to £481 a year.

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Why should you get double glazing?

  • Reduced noise.  It goes with our saying that two pane of glass blocks sound better than one. Double glazing can reduce sound from the outside world by up to 75%!
  • More protection from the sun. Modern energy rated double glazing reduces the amount of UV rays and heat that penetrates into the house. Not only does this this keep the house at a regular temperature, but lessens the likely hood of the sun bleaching your furnishings.
  • Less Condensation. Better insulation reduces the likelihood of condensation forming inside the home. Not only does this keep your home warmer but reduces the chance of damp forming.
  • Safety and security.  Double glazed windows are a lot harder to shatter and a lot tougher to force open than traditional single glazing this means that your property is better protected from burglary.

What Homestyle Home improvements can offer.

Our Witney showroom displays a full range of windows and doors to suit every requirement including a range of colored and grained PVCu windows,   and a choice of over 2000 colours in Aluminium windows, Traditional timber and the stunning Evolution Timber alternative window.

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