Brings warmth, comfort, style and security right to your doorstep

Using the latest in composite technology, this range of elegant, high performance doors will give your home and family all the style and protection you need with very low maintenance.

Composite doors add beauty to function. Not only do they look great, they also provide the strength and quality your family needs. And because they’re designed to be extremely low maintenance, they will save you money and hassle in the future.

It’s easy to take a Diamond door for granted because it stays looking great year after year without any assistance from you! There’s no sanding, no painting, and no varnishing. No fuss at all. All your door needs is an occasional wipe with a cloth once in a while to keep it looking pristine year after year.

Your Diamond Composite Doors save you money in other ways too. They improve the energy efficiency of your home, because they are made with especially durable materials including GRP and polyurethane foam reinforced with a sturdy skeleton that won’t warp or deteriorate – meaning your heat stays in your home and your money stays in your pocket.

Colours range

You have a great choice of styles for your Diamond door. You can even match your favourite door and colour to handmade glass panels. Our in house design team can create each decorative glazed unit specifically to suit your door using a choice of bevels, coloured film and lead, resin lead, sandblasting and fused tile designs.

Choose a style to complement neighbouring homes, or pick one that really stands out from the rest. Set the tone for your home with the style, colour and features that really show off its character.

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